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Code Lyoko by matt0044

This is my fanfic featuring Sagwa. Please read and comment if you can.
Code Lyoko by matt0044

Adapted from the French cartoon created by Tania Palumbo and Thomas Romain in association with Anti-flims, Moonscoop, and Taffy Productions.

With inspiration from Cowboy Bebop, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, Super Sentai, Power Rangers RPM, and Code Lyoko.

Characters taken from Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat, Arthur and Angelina Ballerina.

Adaption series written by matt0044 (Call me Matt)

Opening Theme Song: A World Without Danger by Noam.

Ending Theme Song: Break Away by the Subdigitals.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters used in this fanfiction.

Mission 1: XANA Awakens Part 1.

In Nowhere City, a wide river split the town in two with bridges connecting the town together. In the middle of the river, a car factory was built on an island in 1934 and abandoned in 1984. One summer day in June, a family of Chinese Siamese cats known to Nowhere as the Miaos (pronouced "Meow") went to the factory intending to make it their new home. It was the beginning of a unbelievable story.

Win Bao Miao brought his wife, Shao Fung, and their three kittens, Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa, to see the old factory after they all ate lunch. They previously lived in an alley between two buildings for a year and the father decided it was time for a change. The family was standing on a bridge that was built to cross over the river to the factory and was big enough for only a whole truck.

"So what do you guys think?" asked Win Bao to his family. He was refered to as Baba by his kittens.

Well, dear," begun Shao Fung (Mama to her kittens), "it's certainly big." Not to mention totally run down.

"Wait until you see the inside," said Baba. "It's looks better."

"Why are we living in here?" asked Dongwa, the oldest of Mama and Baba's kittens.

"I thought the large space inside would be more than enough to put our stuff," answered Baba.

"What about food?" asked Sheegwa, the youngest kitten. "What will we eat?"

"There are nice, healthy mice running around in there," said Baba. "I wouldn't eat the rats if I were you."

"Are you sure it's safe, Baba?" asked Sagwa, the middle kitten and the most scared. "It doesn't look like a place I'd like to live in."

"Why?" asked Dongwa. "Are you scared?" he teased

"Well, y-yes," Sagwa admitted. "But that has nothing to do with living here."

"Actually, it has everything to do with living here," said Sheegwa.

"I promise you, Sagwa," said Baba. "There is nothing to fear. Once we get settled, you get use to it in no time."

"Yeah, you're right," smiled Sagwa.

The family of cats proceeded to enter the factory. The doors were open wide so the cats went in. They were on a platform supported by metal pillars. A pair of ropes hung from above to the lower level in place of a ramp for trucks or stairs for humans. The cats each slide down the rope easily to look at the lower level. Looking around, the family saw that the area, known as the cathedral hall, they were in was completely deserted.

"Not bad," said Mama. "It actually looks better on the inside than on the outside. Plus, with a few renovations, we could get settled easily."

"And there's a lot of room to play in," said Sheegwa.

"Can we explore the place?" asked Dongwa.

"Okay, you three," agreed Baba. "But you must be careful. Some of the machines are still here and can be dangerous."

"We will, Baba," said Sagwa.

And the three siblings went off to explore their new home.

"Are you sure that they'll be okay?" said Mama. "They could get lost."

"No need to worry, my dear," said Baba. "They're our kittens after all."

"Yes, but all the same, I fear for Sagwa," said Mama. "She's not exactly the bravest."

On the west side of the cathedral hall, Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa were in the machinery area where there were conveyer belts and other machinery that did not work anymore. Sagwa was looking around for anything dangerous to avoid.

"Wow!" Dongwa awed. "This place is cool."

"What do you think, Sagwa?" asked Sheegwa.

"If not for the scary machines, I'd say its lovely," said Sagwa, obviously fearing the place.

Dongwa had an idea and whispered it to Sheegwa. They were going to play a trick on Sagwa.

"EEEEEEEEIIIIII!" screamed Sheegwa. "It's a giant rat!" She pointed to behind Sagwa.

"Where?" gasped Sagwa. She turned around to look for the huge rat but no such thing existed. "Hey, there's no giant-" She turned to see that her big brother and little sister had disappeared.

"Rats," she cursed. Sagwa knew exactly what they were up to. "They're at it again. Okay, you two, where are you?" she called but it was completely silent. She begun to worry.

"You can't fool me," said Sagwa, trying not to sound scared. "I'm use to your tricks so you may as well give up." She back up under the conveyer belt to hide and he heard laughter. "Where are you?" She turned around to come face to face with a hideous green mask with a pickled-purple nose and an orange-black right eye. Sagwa screamed so loud that Dongwa (who was wearing the mask) fell off the conveyer belt.

"Ha Ha Ha Ha!" laughed Dongwa, flat on his back. "Worth it! It was worth it for the look on your face!"

"It's not funny!" said Sagwa, angry. "Why won't you just grow up?"

"Okay, Sheegwa. You can come out now," said Dongwa, not listening to Sagwa.

Sheegwa came out from behind one of the machines that the conveyer belt lead too.

"Sheegwa! How could you?" Sagwa couldn't believe her own sister was in of this.

"He only told me to just hide," said Sheegwa. "Besides, it was pretty clever."

"He does this all the time," said Sagwa.

"Just face it, Sagwa," said Dongwa, walking up to his sisters. "You just a big scaredy cat."

"And you're just a bully," said Sagwa, up in Dongwa's face. "I've had enough of you." She turned around to return to her parents.

"What's her problem?" said Dongwa.

"Maybe we shouldn't pull these pranks on her," suggested Sheegwa. "Even I'm tired of them."

"We'll it's her problem she's a coward who always hides," said Dongwa. "I'm tired of being her bodyguard all the time."

Back in the cathedral hall, Sagwa met up with her parent who were done exploring the east wing of the factory. They were in front of the elevator.

"Sagwa, you're back," said Baba. "So what do you think of the place?"

"It's great," said Sagwa. "Once you see for yourself, it's not that scary."

"Where's Dongwa and Sheegwa?" asked Mama.

"They're still exploring," answered Sagwa. They can fall in a hole for all I care. "By the way, Baba. What's that big thing?"

Baba turned to see the elevator. "I believe that it's an elevator. Humans use it to go up and down in building like this factory."

"Can I look inside?" asked Sagwa.

"Sure," answered Baba.

Sagwa went inside the elevator and saw how big it was.

"Are you sure it's safe?" asked Mama.

"It's inactive so it won't move," Baba reassured. "Besides, Sagwa isn't scared of it."

Sagwa saw a big red button on one of the elevator walls. Curiously, the cat leap up and pushed the button hard enough to start it up. The elevator shook a bit as a metal door came down, sealing Sagwa in.

"Sagwa!" gasped Mama.


And when it seemed that it couldn't get any worse, the elevator descended down the shaft with the terrified tabby inside.

"What's going on? What's happening?" asked Sagwa to nobody.

Eventually, the elevator stopped. The wall to Sagwa's right lifted up, revealing a vault-like door. Sagwa went up to see when the door begun to open up. The cat walked slowly into a dark, barren room.

"H-hello?" called Sagwa. "Anybody hear?"

The room lit up instantly and started to heat up when Sagwa entered as an amazing creation rose from below the floor.


Meanwhile, Dongwa and Sheegwa found a stairway from the machinery room down to the turbine room. There was a large turbine machine beside the stairway while the rest of the room was wide and empty. A corridor was at the end of the room.

"This is a good place to play," said Sheegwa.

"And a good place to race," said Dongwa. "Wanna test that out?"

"Sure," said Sheegwa, "if you can keep up with me."

"We'll race to the end of the corridor," said Dongwa.

Sheegwa and Dongwa raced in the room until they reached the corridor where Sheegwa won.

"I won!" cheered Sheegwa.

"You just beat me because of your small size," huffed Dongwa.

"Well, now that we've explored the west wing, let's go back to Mama," said Sheegwa.

"Wait," said Dongwa, pointing behind Sheegwa. "What's that? At the end of the corridor."

Sheegwa turned around to see a wall at the end of the corridor.

"How dumb to you think I am?" said Sheegwa. "It's a wall."

"I'm talking about what's above the wall," corrected Dongwa.

Sheegwa walked up and saw a piece of yellow paper with the words "Do Not Enter" printed on it taped over part of the wall that was on a platform.

"It says 'enter' so it must go someplace," said Sheegwa. "Let's go see."

"It also says 'Do Not' so it must go someplace bad," said Dongwa.

"Oh, come on," said Sheegwa. She ran to the end of the corridor and climbed up a ladder to walk on the platform. "What could be behind there that could be so bad?" She came up to the paper and drew her claws. "Now let's have a look." She ripped the paper off with her own claws, peered through the hole and saw something unbelievable. "Dongwa! Come here!"

"What is it?" Dongwa asked.

Dongwa climbed up the ladder to the platform, ran up to Sheegwa and the hole and peered through the hole as well. Dongwa wanted to see more so he leaned over and fell from the hole to the metal floor.

"Dongwa! Are you okay?" asked Sheegwa. She leaned too far and fell from the hole and landed on her brother.

"Not anymore, thanks to you," groaned Dongwa. He pushed his sister off of him and got up.

Dongwa and Sheegwa looked around the green-lit room. In the center of the room, there was a circular projector with a swivel chair that was connected to a track circling around it. Above the projector, a computer interface hung from the ceiling by a track of metal that contain the wires. Dongwa and Sheegwa were amazed at their discovery.

"What is this room?" asked Dongwa.

"I don't know but it's cool," said Sheegwa. She ran up the chair and jumped onto the seat. "It's comfy."

"Hey!" said Dongwa. "Don't touch anything!"

Sheegwa ignored her brother and pressed a button on the chair's left arm. The cat lurched to the right, much to Sheegwa's surprise, stopped at the computer interface and turned around so Sheegwa could face the computer. Four monitors made up the interface and a keyboard was below the middle monitor.

"Dongwa! It's a computer!" said Sheegwa. "This must be the factory's computer room."

"Wait until Mama and Baba see this!" said Dongwa, excited.

"But how are we going to get back to them?" asked Sheegwa. "We can't climb up that ladder."

"You're right," said Dongwa, realizing their situation. "We're trapped."

Back in the room Sagwa found, a large supercomputer rose from the center of the room as fog filtered into the room. Liquid nitrogen melted off the supercomputer as the computer heated up from the room's temperature. Shocked by the large machine, Sagwa slowly walked up to it to get a closer look. She saw a lever on the circular base of the supercomputer and put her paw on it, curious of what it does.

"I hope I don't regret this," Sagwa said to herself unaware that she would. She pulled down the lever and she heard a loud whining sound coming from the supercomputer and the machine shined brightly like the sun itself. Sagwa was almost blinded by the reactivating supercomputer and screamed.

Three floors up at the cathedral hall, Mama and Baba brought the factory lift back up just as they heard Sagwa scream.

"It's Sagwa," said Mama. "She needs us."

Mama and Baba went into the elevator and Baba hit the red button to take them down to the lowest level. Upon reaching the lowest level, the right wall of the elevator lifted up to reveal the vault-like door which opened up as well. The two parent cats ran over to their kitten who was laying on the ground after fainting.

"Sagwa! Are you alright?" said Mama, checking her daughter.

"Y-yeah," Sagwa managed to say, slowly opening her eyes. Her vision soon cleared up.

"What happened?" asked Baba. He saw the supercomputer. "And what is that thing?"

"I don't know," answered Sagwa. "But I think we should get out of here."

"You're right," said Mama. "Let's go."

The three cats headed back into the elevator, unaware something was watching them via the security camera in the top corner of the room. Before Baba could jump up to hit the red button, the vault-like door and the right wall closed quickly and the elevator lurched up fasted than usual.

"Now what?" Mama said.

"If you don't know, then neither do I!" said Baba.

The elevator stopped and the right wall lifted up to reveal another vault-like door.

"We stopped," said Sagwa, relieved.

"But where are we now?" asked Mama.

The vault-like door begun to open.

"We're about to find out," said Baba.

The cats prepared themselves for whatever to expect and the door opened completely.

"Mama! Baba!" Sheegwa and Dongwa shouted together.

"Dongwa? Sheegwa?" said Mama.

"What are you doing here?" asked Baba.

Sagwa and her parent were in the computer lab that Dongwa and Sheegwa had discovered. The lab was right beneath the cathedral hall.

"It was my fault mostly," said Sheegwa, faking a smile. "Curiosity killed the cat, I guessed."

"How did you find us?" asked Dongwa.

"No idea," said Baba. "The elevator brought us here."

"Dear," said Mama to her husband. "Did you know that this was all here?

"No," replied Baba. "I saw no hint of anything like this before. But I did hear something of a Government project hidden beneath the factory. This must be it."

"Maybe the computer can tell us where we are," suggested Sheegwa.

"Maybe," said Sagwa. "Otherwise we'll never get out."

"We won't know unless we give it a shot," said Baba. "I know computers. I'll see what I can find out."

The father cat jumped up into the seat of the chair and faced the computer interface.

"Now," begun Baba. "Let's see what you have to offer, my friend."

He pressed the enter key and the four monitor lit up. The left monitor showed bar graphs, the right monitor showed maps of the factory and Nowhere itself, and two windows opened on the middle monitor, showing stuff that Baba didn't understand.

"Well, Baba?" asked Dongwa.

"I'm not sure what to make of it," said Baba. "It's like some kind of video game."

Just then, the middle monitor changed to black and showed an eye-like insignia colored red. Nearby, the computer wires surged and sparked with electricity as a black, slimy, digital substance oozed out from a gap in the wire.

"Ewww!" said Sheegwa, grossed out.

"Cool," said Dongwa.

"Freaky!" a frightened Sagwa squeaked.

The black substance morphed into the shape of a human and took on the appearance of a man in black.

"Where did he come from?" Mama asked.

"You will all come with me now," said the man in a monotone voice with no hint of emotion. "XANA wants you."

The man thrust his right hand to Baba and electricity shot from it to Baba. The shock caused Baba to faint and fall to the floor.

"Baba! No!" screamed Sheegwa.

The man in black went up to pick up Baba's body from the floor when Mama pounced on him like a tiger.

"I'll teach you to mess with my family!" said Mama, enraged.

The mother cat landed on the man's back and stuck her sharp claws into him. The man felt nothing and he took Mama off his back like she was a little kitten.

"Oh no," said Mama, knowing she was in trouble.

The man shocked Mama with his electricity powers and the cat fell unconscious. All that was left were the Miao Siblings who were all frozen in fear. The man in black put Mama and Baba's bodies over his shoulders and picked up the Miao Siblings, holding Dongwa and Sheegwa under his left armpit and Sagwa under his right. The cats tried to escape but the man was much too strong.

"Let us go, you big oaf!" yelled Dongwa.

The man said nothing. He just walked into the elevator, carrying the family of cats with him, and pressed the red button. The vault door closed, the wall moved down and the elevator descended down the shaft. The lift stopped after a few seconds. The right wall rose up again, revealing the vault door which opened up as well. The room was bright as day and there were three test-tube-shaped chambers standing up and set in a triangle position. Wires leading from the computer room were connected to each chamber. The man placed Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa each in a chamber and placed Mama and Baba's bodies beside Sheegwa's scanner.

"Don't not move if you know what's good for you," threatened the man.

The man walked to a ladder and climbed up back to the computer lab. Once there, he sat in the chair and rapidly typed on the keyboard to activate a program on the Supercomputer. Down below, the three chambers closed their doors one by one with Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa still inside, trapping the cats.

"Help! Somebody get me out!" Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa cried, banging on the chamber doors as hard as they could.

As the cats cried for help, a gust of wind blew upward in each of the chambers. The cats closed their eyes from the blowing wind. A metal ring in each scanner circled around the cats as it analyzed their molecular structure and DNA. Finally a bright light flashed and the cats each disappeared from the chambers.

Sagwa slowly opened up her eyes. She lifted her body up from the ground and rubbed her eyes with her hands. She suddenly remembered that she never had hands. Still feeling nauseous, she saw that her animal paws had become human hands covered with her fur. She felt her face and head which were the same shape as before.

"W-what is this?" Sagwa asked herself as she wiggled her fingers.

But that wasn't all. Her former cat body had transformed into a human body the size of a 9th grader. She was wearing a bodysuit with a strange design, a pink and blue color scheme (from dark to light toned), a clear as glass mini-skirt around her waist and shoulder pads. She wore a pair of fingerless gloves that reached her elbows and a star-shaped bracelet on her left wrist. Sagwa felt her bottom and felt her tail.

"Unbelievable," Sagwa said to herself as she stood up.

Just then, Sagwa heard groaning. She turned around to see four others laying on the ground. One, laying on his stomach, was in a spandex-like jumpsuit with a yellow, black and brown color scheme and carrying two swords on his back. Sagwa recognized him as her brother, Dongwa. Another was in a magenta and dark-purple jumpsuit, velcro sneakers and a yellow sash on her back. It was Sheegwa. The third wore black armor with red accents, a cone-shaped helmet and a sword attached to his waist. Sagwa recognized his face as Baba. The fourth and last wore a bodysuit of violet and black colored spandex, silver boots and gloves with black fingers and earings. It was Mama Miao.

"You guys are here too?" said Sagwa.

Dongwa and Sheegwa woke up and were just as surprised as Sagwa when they saw how much their bodies had changed.

"This is incredible!" said Dongwa, feeling his new body. He drew both of his swords. "And these swords rock!"

"Hey, I'm tall!" cheered Sheegwa, jumping up. "How did this happen?"

"I don't know. I just woke up," answered Sagwa. She turned to Mama and Baba. "Mama! Baba! Wake up!"

Baba woke up, begun to stand and noticed that his body had change.

"Huh?" grunted Baba, holding his head with his hand. He looked at his hand and the rest of his body. "What in the-? How-? Where did this armor come from?"

Amazing, isn't it?" said Dongwa.

Mama got up and looked at her body and her suit.

"This is so strange," said Mama. "But I love this outfit. It fits like a glove and I feel light as a feather."

"I know," agreed Sheegwa. "But at least we're all together."

"By the way, where are we?" asked Sagwa.

The cats were so fascinated by their new bodies that hadn't bothered to look around to see where they were. When they did, they saw that the sky was pitch black with no moon and that they were standing on a plateau of light blue ice with a strange land formation near the cats. Nearby, there was a tall tower glowing a blue aura around its top. The land floated over a digital sea as well as other parts of land. Not to mention that the cats and their environment looked like they were in a CGI Video Game.

"This day keeps on getting more weird by the minute," stated Dongwa. "I don't think we're in Nowhere anymore."

"I don't think we're on Earth anymore," said Sagwa. "It looks like we're in some sort of video game."

"It's much more than that!" boomed a loud voice.

The five cats turned around to see who was it who spoke and saw a floating ball of electric energy. The five sensed that something about the strange being was anything but good.

"Welcome to Lyoko, Miao Family," greeted the strange being. "I am XANA, your lord and master."

"Lord and what?" said Baba in disbelief. "I don't think so."

"Oh really?" said XANA. "You won't think the same thing once you are my warriors."

"Who decided that?" retorted Mama.

"I did!" boomed XANA. "Now allow me to explain. The machine that you reactivated is a quantum supercomputer which houses this virtual world known as Lyoko. This icy terrain is just one of the four sectors that make up this virtual world. After awakening from my long sleep, I, XANA, can now achieve my goal to take over your world, Earth."

"But why?" asked Sheegwa.

"Your world is ruled by incompetent beings who are destroying their own world," said XANA. "With the powers that I possess, I will build my own empire and the humans shall be my slaves. You five kittens should be honored that I've decided to spare your lives."

"Then that means that man in black was you!" realized Sagwa.

"A creation of mine, to be correct," said XANA. "I can create Spectres that can change into humans and even take over one's mind or a machine. Now that I've explained everything, let's have a look at your powers."

"Powers?" Dongwa said, confused.

"Your new bodies give you weapons and powers that will help you fight on Lyoko," XANA explained. "You will discovered them as you fight my monsters. The ones remaining will be my warriors. Good luck. You'll need plenty of it."

XANA floated up to the top of a small ice plateau where he would view the events to come. Lightening surged from his round, clear body and robotic monsters materialized in front of the Miao Family. There were three red monsters each with four short legs and an Eye on their back, two spider-like monsters with long legs and an Eye on their head, and three blocks with spider legs and an Eye on four of its sides. The Miao Family was shocked by the monsters' appearance.

"Allow me to introduce you to your sparring partners," said XANA. "These are the Krabs, Tarantulas and Bloks. Begin the battle... now!"

The monsters advanced towards the five cats.

"Looks like there's no way out of this," said Dongwa, drawing his swords. "Let's fight!"

"Dongwa!" cried Mama and Baba.

"Super Sprint!" Dongwa shouted as he ran toward his enemies at a great speed. He jumped onto a Krab and struck the Eye of XANA on its back with his swords. The Krab staggered a bit and exploded, causing Dongwa to take a hard fall to the ground. The Krab's remains dematerialized.

"Not bad for a start," said Dongwa, hurt from his rough landing. "Everyone aim for the Eye like a target!"

The rest of the monsters, aware of their enemy's strength, fired lasers at the other family members. Sagwa ran away, screaming in fear as some of the monsters chased her, while Sheegwa checked her person for a weapon.

"No fair," groaned Sheegwa. "Why don't I have a weapon?" Just then, two metallic fans materialized in her hands as if she willed them to appear. "I wonder..."

Another Krab shot its laser at Sheegwa who blocked it with her fans as if by instinct. She then threw her fans like frisbees at the Krab and they both sliced through the Krab. The fans returned to Sheegwa like a boomerang and the Krab exploded.

"That's the end of them," said Sheegwa.

Meanwhile, Mama and Baba were already fighting. Baba drew his sword, leaped into the air and sliced the third Krab like butter, destroying it as well. Mama, with her agility, dodge the lasers from two Bloks and a Tarantula. She threw her Shuriken at a Blok to destroy it and her Dagger to strike the second. She dash towards the Tarantula, jumped up and spun like a drill as she kicked the Tarantula. The monster got up only to be struck in the Eye by Sheegwa's fans.

"I'm getting the hang of this," said Sheegwa.

"Where's Sagwa?" Mama asked Dongwa.

"If I know her, then she's running for her life," answered Dongwa.

"If you have time to talk, then you have time to fight!" boomed XANA as two more Tarantula and two more Bloks stepped from behind XANA's plateau.

Meanwhile, Sagwa was running away as fast as she could to get away from the monsters. She turned her head to see if she lost them but saw that a Blok and a Tarantula were chasing after her. The Blok was blasting its laser from its Eye.

"Get away from me!" Sagwa said as she thrust her hand out and shot a pink energy orb from her palm, destroying the Blok. "Whoa!"

Sagwa was surprised of her newly discovered powers when she looked ahead and stopped at the dead end. She was standing on the edge of a cliff which below it laid a digital sea that looked dangerous. She was trapped and before she could do anything, the Tarantula got on its knees, lifting its arms in the air to aim its lasers at her and fired at Sagwa, causing her to get hurt and fall off the cliff.


Sagwa fell helplessly toward the digital sea. She fell and fell. And then, she stopped. Sagwa opened her eyes and saw two angel wings on her back. The cat also notice more land floating in the air but knew it was no time for sightseeing. She flew back up to the ice plateau. The Tarantula aim its lasers at Sagwa but Sagwa prepared another pink energy orb.

"Energy Field!" shouted Sagwa as she fired the energy orb at the Tarantula, destroying it. The cat soared by toward her family who were fighting the last four monsters.

"It's Sagwa!" said Sheegwa.

"Looks like she earn her wings," joked Dongwa.

"Did you miss me?" smiled Sagwa.

Sagwa landed on the ground and her angel wings disappeared. The whole family of warriors gathered around to face the last two monsters, a Blok and a Tarantula.

"Leave the rest to us, kids," said Baba.

"Just stay here," said Mama.

The Miao parents ran to fight the remaining monsters left. Baba Miao, with his mighty sword, blocked the laser blasts from the Tarantula and struck in the eye. The monster exploded and its remains dematerialized. Mama backflipped through the Blok's laser rings, punched it in the Eye and kicked it to finish it off. The Miao Sibling were amazed at their parents abilities.

"Hmmmm," pondered XANA. "Those two fight easily and they've taken out most of my monsters. Time for a little elimination."

"XANA!" shouted Baba. "We have fought your monsters. Now what?"

"Now that you've beaten my monsters," begun XANA, "I shall now eliminate three of you and take two to be my warriors."

"What?" gasped Mama.

"I will have no weaklings in my army," said XANA. "Now say hello to the Megatank!"

A big black bowling ball rolled around the plateau and split open to reveal the Eye of XANA. It then started gathering energy in the Eye and the family of cats realized it was about to attack.

"Everybody, run!" shouted Sagwa.

But before anyone could move, the Megatank fired a ellipical laser wall and hit Sheegwa, causing great pain for her. The other four jumped out of the way.

"Sheegwa! Are you okay?" Dongwa asked.

"Y-yeah, I think," Sheegwa managed to say.

Sheegwa begun to lose feeling in her legs and waist. She looked and saw that her body disappearing

"Sheegwa!" cried Mama!

Sheegwa was too scared to speak and she disappeared completely.

"Don't worry," said XANA. "She's been devirtualized, not killed." He looked at Dongwa. "And you're next."

The Megatank aimed and fired another laser at Dongwa. The male cat was devirtualized like Sheegwa. Frightened, Sagwa tried to run away.

"You won't escape either!" said XANA. "Megatank, get her!"

The Megatank charged up for a third attack and aimed a Sagwa. Mama and Baba ran to help her but it was too late. The laser wall was fired and Sagwa was struck in the back. She fell to the ground and she was devirtualized.

"And then there were two," said XANA.

"You monster!" shouted a very angry Baba as he drew his sword to fight. "I'll teach you to mess with our children." He ran toward the Megatank as the monster begun charging up for another attack.

"This should be interesting," said XANA to himself.

Baba concentrated all of his energy into his sword, struck the Megatank in the Eye, and jumped away before it exploded. The knight warrior withdrew his sword. XANA floated down to Mama and Baba's level to speak to the parents himself.

"Well done, you two. You have proved yourselves worthy of being my warriors!" boomed XANA.

"Thanks but no thanks, XANA. We're not joining you!" said Mama. "Our children need us."

"Oh, don't worry," said XANA. "Soon you won't remember any of them. You belong to me now so now those useless, bothersome memories must be removed." He shot two red beams at Mama and Baba and they were teleported away. XANA laughed to himself and teleported away himself.

Back on Earth, the three chambers opened up and Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa each got out of one. Their bodies were back to normal and they didn't look like something from a video game.

"We're back on Earth," said Dongwa.

"We're cats again," said Sheegwa.

"That's too bad," said Sagwa. "I was getting use to being human."

"Wait a minute," said Dongwa, realizing something was wrong. "Where is Mama and Baba?"

"They're not here," said Sheegwa, looking around.

"It's XANA. He must have got them!" Sagwa said.

"What do we do now?" asked Dongwa.

"Get help," answered Sagwa. "We're three small cats so we need to find somebody who can help us."

"I hope so," said Sheegwa, sadly. "I want to see Mama again." A tear soaked into her fur as she begun to cry.

"Don't worry, Sheegwa," said Dongwa, comforting his little sister. "We'll get them back. I promise." But he wasn't sure how.

Mission 1 Complete...

Next Mission: XANA Awakens Part 2.
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