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Sagwa Fanfic Challenge anyone?

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone wants to do a Sagwa fanfic challenge? I figured I'd get the comm started with a new fanfic idea! I'm actually working on one of my own right now! I figured we could all try it. The first prompt I thought we could do is friendship. Any Sagwa characters are allowed. The only main condition is Sagwa must be in the story somehow.

The only rules with this are: The story must be behind an LJ cut and it must have a disclaimer on it. Other than that, have fun! Any Sagwa fan is welcome to try their hand at writing one!

An example of how one should look would be this:

Disc: Sagwa and all its characters belong to PBS and Amy Tan. I own anyone you don't recognize.

Title: Sagwa's New Friend

Author: sifukatara

Prompt: Friendship

Summary: While in a faraway land after stowing away on a boat, Sagwa meets a new friend.
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